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Home Deposits Now provides a quick and simple solution to a stressful problem in the home buying process – the home deposit

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Our innovative process saves hundred of dollars and hours of time for your clients

Home Deposits Now Guarantees are quicker and easier than traditional methods of securing your client’s home deposit.

Accepted and Compliant Across Canada (Quebec coming soon!)

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At Home Deposits Now, we take customer satisfaction seriously. Check out these recent reviews from our awesome customers and real estate professionals.

Ahmer Rafiq
Ahmer Rafiq
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I used Deposit Rocket service for the purchase of my new home and couldn’t be happier - amazing service, easy to use and Naresh went the extra mile to ensure everything went smoothly. Would definitely recommend to use this service!
                                Kimberly Lacroix
Kimberly Lacroix
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Helping Canadians get their homes. Great group!
   Gord Cologna
Gord Cologna
Read More
My wife has used your company on several occasions with great success
Mike Smith
Mike Smith
Read More
I was a listing agent for one of these transactions where the buyer was using Deposit Rocket, or Home Deposits Now as they are called. Seamless Transaction. Very heavy on the Customer Service as there is always a few questions. I would not hesitate to use this service personally or refer to clients. 5 Stars.
Mike Trottier
Mike Trottier
Read More
A great alternative for accessing deposit funds!

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Home Deposits Now is the all-new way to make an offer on your next home.

We unlock your equity in your current home and investments to secure your deposit online, no banks, no stress. Your deposit guarantee is emailed to your licensed realtor, INSTANTLY!

We provide a deposit guarantee that works as a cash equivalent instead of a physical deposit cheque in the home buying process, helping home buyers with more flexibility and speed. It replaces the cash deposit and makes the process faster, safer, and so much easier!

Our Guarantees are backed by an ‘A’ rated, licensed, Canadian insurance company.


It’s a Guarantee or promise that the buyer will pay the home deposit upon closing. No money actually changes hands until closing. Come settlement, the purchase price is paid in full, and the guarantee simply lapses.

Our Guarantees have a one-time cost that is calculated based on the deposit guarantee amount desired, and the term required.

It is not a loan extended to you, and therefore, you won’t have to borrow any money, run your credit score, nor pay any interest!


  • We are fast, simple, and easy
    • 5-minute online application, instant issuance
    • No credit checks
    • No liens or appraisals
    • Secure your deposit anytime
  • We are convenient
    • No need to cash out home equity or investments
    • No hassle of physical deposit cheques
    • Saves you the awkward borrowing of money from friends and family
    • Make unlimited offers – no additional cost
  • We are cost-effective
      • Low-cost alternative compared to traditional methods like
        • Overdrafts
        • Bridge financing
        • Credit cards
        • Short-term loans

    • Your money stays in the market
    • No investment breakage fees
  • We are compliant and ‘A’ Rated
    • Compliant across Canada with Quebec coming soon
    • Nationally recognized ‘A’ rated insurance product

Instead of making an offer to buy a home with a cash deposit, Canadians now have the all-new alternative of using a Home Deposit Guarantee, if their deposit money is tied up in their home equity or their investments.

Our Guarantees are simply your ‘promise to pay’ the deposit amount, at closing.

Your promise is backed by an ‘A’ rated, licensed Canadian Insurance Company, making it secure for the Seller.

We are providing a Guarantee that you will pay the deposit amount upon closing, after we have verified that you have sufficient home equity or liquid investment to do so.

Home Deposit Guarantees are available from $10,000 to $100,000, for up-to 9 months.

Our five minute online system provides instant approvals and your Home Deposit Guarantee is emailed to you and your licensed realtor.

You may make as many offers, on as many houses, as needed, until you are the successful buyer – at no additional cost!

This is a huge benefit as a buyer – giving you the flexibility to make multiple offers on homes you adore.

  • Canadian residents
  • More than 18 years of age
  • Making an offer to purchase an owner-occupied residential property*
  • Available in any province in Canada (except Quebec)
  • Utilizing a licensed Realtor
  • Must have sufficient home equity or liquid investments to qualify

*Note: Mortgage Helpers, such as renting out the basement is acceptable.


First-time home buyers with sufficient liquid investments are eligible for a Home Deposit Guarantee OR your parents can apply as guarantor(s) if they have sufficient home equity.

Don’t worry – it’s an easy process with no credit checks, bank visits, or complex paperwork.

A good rule of thumb: Home equity or liquid investments are typically 1.5X the amount of the Home Deposit Guarantee amount.

The cost depends on the deposit amount and the term that is purchased. Our fees start at less than 1% of the deposit amount.

Please see our Fee Calculator for a quote.

Our online application takes only minutes to complete.

If you have sufficient equity in your current home, your application will be approved instantly.

If you have been pre-approved for a mortgage, your application will be approved within hours.

If you qualify for a Home Deposit Guarantee with liquid investments or your parents home equity, your application will typically be approved in 1-2 business days upon receipt of a completed application.

Home or house deposits in Canada are usually between 5 – 10% of the property value, but there isn’t a hard rule for what makes an adequate house deposit amount.

Canadians now have the all-new option of using a Home Deposits Now cash equivalent guarantee instead of making an offer to purchase a home with a traditional cash deposit.

Our insurers’ ‘A’ grade guarantee backs up your commitment to buy, making it safe for the seller, and easy for the buyer.

Our fees start as a fraction of a percent of the deposit. For a quote, you can use our free Calculator.

A larger deposit often makes for a more competitive offer. Home Deposits Now allows you to make a larger deposit on multiple listings without having to release your funds, sell your assets, or take out loans through closing.

We help home buyers with equity, and can instantly unlock a larger deposit with Home Deposits Now. As funds do not change hands until closing, buyers can keep earning returns on their house deposit money until the settlement date, and since guaranteed deposits are not loans, buyers need not worry about interest charges, applications, or even credit checks!

Not often.

When you’re buying a property in Canada, a deposit on your home is accompanied by an Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS). When the deposit is paid and the APS is signed, you’re officially in a legally binding contract.

Now that the purchase has been processed, it is not a good idea to try and go back on your word – the seller may have grounds to sue. Unless you have put conditions on the deposit and the conditions have not been met.

Deposit Guarantee is an insurance Guarantee made in lieu of a cash deposit with an offer on a property. It defers the need to pay cash up front; saving you from cashing out home equity or investments, awkward family conversations, or utilizing your line of credit.

The use of deposit guarantees have been a standard practice in the Australian and European real estate world for decades, and are newly available in Canada.

Just like with a traditional house deposit, the buyer pays the full purchase price at settlement.

A cash deposit is typically done via a cashier’s cheque from a bank – which includes liquidation of assets or applying for a loan or line of credit.

A deposit guarantee is, in essence, an insurance policy that promises the seller security knowing that the deposit (i.e., 10% of the property) will be paid to him/her should the buyer fail to close.

A Deposit Guarantee allows the buyer to:

  • Continue to earn interest on their deposit monies as their savings remain intact
  • Avoid expensive time delays and bridge loans
  • Make multiple offers at no extra cost
  • Get secured online in minutes – not hours of paperwork

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