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Why Partner with Home Deposits Now?

We understand you might have some questions about our innovative new process and wonder how partnering with Home Deposits Now can benefit you and your clients.

After all, you want to provide your clients with the best possible home buying experience, and we want you to learn more how Home Deposits Now can help!

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Join Our Agent Hub for Exclusive Benefits

Claim your custom URL, access our deposit dashboards, and send quotes with customized cost comparisons to your clients - instantly.

Here's why joining our Agent Hub will simplify the home buying process for you and why your clients will love it!

innovative alternative

The Innovative Alternative to the Cash Home Deposit

Home Deposits Now has revolutionized the real estate market for buyers, sellers, and agents with a new, guaranteed cash-alternative deposit. Many Canadians' equity is tied up in their homes or in investments - freezing the asset value until sale.

We can use that equity to issue a home deposit guarantee - instantly, with no need for an appraisal, home sale, or visit to the bank.

And it’s all done via email, because who likes chasing physical paper deposit cheques around on a Saturday afternoon?

We’d like to make that a thing of the past.

house deposit

House Deposit Guaranteed Upon Closing

Home Deposits Now Guarantees are backed by an A-rated insurance company - so it’s as good as cash.

The buyer submits our Guarantee with the offer and simply pays the total purchase price upon closing.

And just like a cash deal - if the buyer defaults, the guarantee insures the Seller gets paid.

save time

Save Yourself Time And Hassle

Remember that deal you missed out on because a client was waiting for their funds to become available, whether through a sale of their current home or funds coming from a family member? Or working with a client to scrape together funds for a larger deposit for that competitive bid? We do.

As a Home Deposits Now Agent Hub Approved Partner, you have access to instantly send out custom quotes to your clients, which will populate on your deposit dashboard - all your info in one place.

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Chill with the Cheque Chasin’

How many hours a year do you spend chauffeuring checks around in the rain? Or sitting in traffic on the way to the bank to help out a client deposit a cheque? Too many!

As an excellent real estate agent, we know you’re tired of driving to the bank to deposit client cheques. One of our agents' favorite perks is the time they save when they don't have to run around and squander time and (costly) gas driving from the client and back.

Home Deposits Now’s e-Deposit solutions eliminates the risk of being stuck in traffic or some wild snowstorm, and everyone is happier for it!

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Track Your Clients' Deposits

Home Deposits Now could prove decisive in bidding wars in the competitive Canadian housing market.

Our Agent Hub dashboard lets you keep track of all your clients' deposits in one place so you can stay organized and efficient. Easy access online allows you to send more than one deposit, and if an offer is not accepted, you can update the guarantee for the next offer - instantly!!

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Send Instant Custom Invites and Quotes

Home Deposits Now simplifies and speeds up the customer journey, making the process more efficient for real estate agents and brokers. Send your client a Home Deposits Now invitation, instant custom quote, and a custom cost comparison.

Your clients will receive all the information they need to start their application in an attractive email.

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Create Your Branded URL Link

Create your custom Agent Hub link that automatically adds the client to your agent account, and sends an instant quote and cost comparison. It's valuable for both you and your client, will instantly add to your deposit dashboard, and adds unique touch to your email signature!

Ready to get started?

Claim your custom URL, access our deposit dashboards, and send quotes with customized cost comparisons to your clients - instantly.

FAQs from Real Estate Professionals

What is a Home Deposit Guarantee?

A Home Deposit Guarantee is an Insurance Guarantee that the Buyer will pay the deposit along with the down payment at closing. If and in the event the Buyer defaults, the insurance company covers the deposit according to the terms of the guarantee.

What is the risk to the Agent or Broker?

There is no risk to the broker, in fact, because we’ve taken the liability of the cash handling away from the broker, we’ve reduced the risk of the deposit in the event the cheque or bank draft gets lost or misplaced, or if there is a fraudulent EFT. Home Deposit Now’s Guarantees comply with the same provincial rules and regulations, set down by the Real Estate Acts.

What happens if the Buyer defaults?

If the Buyer does not complete the sale, the Surety takes immediate direction from the Deposit Holder (typically the Sellers Listing Brokerage) to step in on behalf of the Buyer to make the Seller whole.

Home Deposits Now follows all Provincial Real Estate Regulations - the Buyer’s obligation to the Seller is the same as a cash deposit.

The Surety has the right to recover any losses that it suffers at the hands of the Buyer.

How do Home Deposit Guarantees work?

Once the buyer has completed the application, signed and paid, the guarantee will be issued immediately via email.

A copy will be sent to the Buyers & Sellers Realtor and the real estate lawyer, together with suggested addendum, to attach to the APS for the offer presentation.

How does a Home Deposit Guarantee work for the Seller’s Brokerage?

The Seller’s Realtor will deal with the Home Deposit Guarantee by:

  1. Entering the details of the guarantee on the trust ledger.
  2. Copy of the guarantee is attached to the trust ledger if necessary in lieu of a bank deposit receipt (RECO receipt) for a traditional cash deposit.
  3. There is no cash management requirement, and no interest calculations.
  4. It is recommended that the Listing Broker invoice the Sellers Lawyer for the full amount of the commission exactly as if the Lawyer is holding the deposit.

What happens when the deposit is a firm deposit?

When a Buyer’s offer is presented to the Listing Broker with a Deposit Guarantee, the offer is considered to be firm at the time it has been accepted by the Seller. This means that the deposit is firm and guaranteed, and the Buyer cannot get out of the deal.

With cash deposit, often a buyer has 24-48 hours to provide a certified cheque, bank draft, or cash transfer as the Deposit. In this case the Buyer has an opportunity to get out of the deal and not provide the Deposit, which means the Buyer has wiggle room which is not ideal for the seller or sellers agent.

Are credit checks, liens or registrations done on the title?


We do not do any credit checks, register a charge or lien on the Buyer’s properties, or charge interest.

This means we do not leave footprints on the Buyer’s credit file, which is good for Mortgage Brokers when getting the best deal for the Buyer. There are no monthly payments to worry about (just a simple one time fee).

What happens if my client’s offer is not the winning bidder?

A Home Deposit Guarantee will allow a Buyer to make as many offers using their Guarantee within its term, at no additional cost.

The Buyer can also extend the term and increase the amount by simply logging into their account, making the changes, and making a payment if extending the term.

Within minutes a new guarantee will be issued, a new offer can be made!

What if the Seller doesn’t accept the Home Deposit Guarantee?

As with any offer, the Seller is, of course, at liberty to do so.

We are a legal and valid deposit method licensed across Canada, with Quebec coming online soon. The Selling Realtor has a legal obligation to present every offer made to the Seller.

In the case of Seller rejection, we will allow the Buyers to use the Home Deposit Guarantee as many times as required until they make a successful offer on their new home.

Our Clients’ satisfaction is our number one priority.