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why homeowners are using deposit guarantees when selling


Why Homeowners are Using Deposit Guarantees When Selling

A house Deposit Guarantee can be used as a substitute for a cash deposit which acts as the insurance that the buyer will pay the deposit on closing. Deposit Gua...


Aron Truax, CMO

POSTED 07 July, 2022

why home buyers are leveraging deposit guarantees


Why Home Buyers are Leveraging Deposit Guarantees

When selling your house, you can state your preferred deposit amount and method in the listing. Deposit Guarantees have some massive advantages! Keep reading to...


Aron Truax, CMO

POSTED 10 June, 2022

the next big thing in down payments on a house


The Next Big Thing in Down Payments On A House

For many, down payments on a house are the toughest part when it comes to buying a home. That, and qualifying for the mortgage.


Naresh Vyas, VP Business Development

POSTED 05 June, 2022

home deposits 101 - canadian edition


Home Deposits 101 - Canadian Edition

Almost everyone has heard of a down payment when buying a house, but do you know about deposits? Many people confuse the two, but they’re very different! Here’s...


Nathan Neyedly, Program Manager

POSTED 01 June, 2022

how much is a house deposit in canada


How Much Is A House Deposit in Canada?

A house deposit, not to be confused with a down payment, is an offer of good faith which shows the seller that you are determined to purchase the property. To ...


Annette Vais, Business Dev. Manager

POSTED 26 April, 2022

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I used Deposit Rocket service for the purchase of my new home and couldn’t be happier - amazing service, easy to use and Naresh went the extra mile to ensure everything went smoothly. Would definitely recommend to use this service!

Ahmer Rafiq

Helping Canadians get their homes. Great group!

Kimberly Lacroix

Very helpful and useful! Thank you so much!

Brandon Martin

Incredible Experience... Fast and easy process.. Highly Recommend!!

Kritika Gupta

Great experience dealing with them. Helped a lot with questions and concerns.

Lisa Jones

These guys are incredible!! I had a situation with a client that had assumed they could pull the deposit from their current home’s equity and apply it to their purchase. My bad for not covering this with them up front. We were close to subject removal and my clients didn’t have any other options for coming up with the deposit funds. I had heard about Home Deposits Now from a colleague in Toronto so I recommended them to my clients. They got the bond and we removed subjects. My clients could not have been happier with the result and their new home! The process was so simple and efficient. I have since recommended Home Deposits Now to several other clients and they loved the service.

Jacob Strigan

Working with Home Deposits Now was so easy and super happy my client was able to secure a home deposit guarantee with an EASY online application. My client had their deposit guarantee within 24hours. I would highly recommend and continue to use Home Deposits Now. +++5 stars all the way. Tracy

Tracy Ferguson

My wife has used your company on several occasions with great success

Gord Cologna

I was a listing agent for one of these transactions where the buyer was using Deposit Rocket, or Home Deposits Now as they are called. Seamless Transaction. Very heavy on the Customer Service as there is always a few questions. I would not hesitate to use this service personally or refer to clients. 5 Stars.

Mike Smith

A great alternative for accessing deposit funds!

Mike Trottier

I used Depositrocket when I needed more funds for a new home. It was super easy to use and the customer service was fantastic. I felt safe using this service and definitely recommend them.

Michelle Tavares

Such a great service! We secured the home of our dreams. It only took a few minutes to get confirmation and the deposit documents were sent directly to our agent to submit with our offer. Cost effective and easy to use and the people are nice too.

Nicole Vadori

We discovered Deposit Rocket at the recommendation of our mortgage broker. We were using RRSP’s towards our downpayment, so needed an option to be able to make our deposit with our offer. Since I had never heard of this product before, Naresh answered all my questions and made the process very straight forward. We were able to make our offer successfully using the deposit rocket, and throughout the process Naresh communicated with our realtor and the sellers realtor to address any questions that came up. This was a great option for us and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone.

Carol Hill

Incredible customer service! Application was simple and fast. Very quick to respond to questions. Would highly recommend Deposit Rocket to anyone looking to purchase a home.

Jen Middleton


Sometimes, the true measure of a service provider is when things don't go perfectly, and the provider stands behind their client, providing the service of fixing the problem. It's innovative, and as a Realtor I found the process was fast and user friendly; for both myself and my client. I must say, that calls were returned promtly, having a direct line to a person to ask questions to also made a huge impression. To your continued success Naresh!

Ryan Anderson

Deposit Rocket is really good site for Home Buyers. They help us in paying the initial deposit and I have to particularly mention about Naresh who helped me in an extraordinary situation. Thank you Naresh and I really appreciate your efforts.

Shenthil Balasubramanian

We didn't actually use deposit rocket, because we didn't realize we needed to have it completed before we put offers in....but Naresh and the team were very helpful in answering questions. I would recommend this service.

Joy Dodd

Deposit Rocket is an innovative solution to providing a deposit for purchase that is not readily available. As a mortgage agent, before Deposit Rocket if clients did not have access to liquid funds and needed to leverage their equity to do so quickly, we would need to arrange a short term private mortgage. Privates, were a great solution, but they are much more expensive and cannot fund the same day needed legal registration! Now that we have Deposit Rocket, I suggest them to all my clients needing funds for a deposit on their new purchase. Their application is simple, the process is quick and their team offers exceptional service. Our realtor partners love this too, because they know their clients have a secure deposit that can be available in time for offers. And in most cases they now have a larger deposit - for a more competitive offer.

Michael Hewitt

Deposit Rocket was incredible! They worked with our amazing Broker to get things done quickly and without stress for us. They were able to work through a glitch that could have been a real issue and get us sorted out within 24 hours. When all was said an done we got a personal call from their Vice President thanking us for our business and letting us know he is available if we need him over the weekend. This is outstanding customer service and we would highly recommend them to anyone purchasing a home! Scott and Jo Kelly

Joanna Kelly

We had an amazing real estate agent Lana Golowin and we used Deposit Rocket for a deposit for our new house. It was quick and easy to complete. I would recommend it.

Kendra Lawrence

I was introduced to Deposit Rocket in November and was able to share it with my clients to purchase their home. This method of accessing funds for a deposit is extremely efficient, easy & quick! I will definitely recommend to future clients!

Lana Golowin

This is such a great tool to have at your disposal! Deposit rocket has been a huge help for us when we needed to put down a deposit and quick! We didn’t have the amount readily available so this really saved us so we could get the home we wanted. I highly recommend this service to everyone!!! It helps the buyers, sellers and agents all get what they want!!

Lola Ajayi

Samer Al-Zubaidi

It was fairly simple, and very instant!!! Our money was tied up in our houses that just sold. We were able to secure the deposit on our new house through Deposit Rocket. Not all realtors are familiar with this method, so they need to be educated. All in all, it was our saving Grace. Money well spent! We are very Satisfied and we are telling everyone we know about this awesome way to put a deposit on a house. Thanks Rocket Deposit!!!!

Denise and Shawn

This was very helpful in the the purchase of my home! Quick and simple - thank you!

Sarah C

Amazing company to deal with! When my husband and I decided to look for a new house the deposit amounts required were insane. So much of our money is tied up in the house. Here comes Deposit Rocket and the amazing Naresh to the rescue. They got me my deposit super quick and we got our new home.

Cheryl Moyer

This is an amazing service, recommend to whose people who has shortage in mortgage down payment. Customer service is very good, respect customer

Sabin Gautam

We were referred to Deposit Rocket by our Mortgage Broker Christina, our house was sold and we needed cash for a deposit quickly. We did an online application, Deposit Rocket approved us instantaneously and their customer service has been fabulous. Naresh was on call to explain how it works, and to help with the documents. This is a great solution for clients who's deposits are tied up in their home and can't cash out quickly.

Murray Robinson

After I got the welcome letter by email from Deposit Rocket, it took me just 6 minutes to arrange a Deposit Guarantee. It was automatically issued to my Real Estate Broker, and it was half the cost of a Line of Credit, and didnt affect my credit.

Anand Pandya

We were putting in an offer on our dream home, and needed a deposit quickly but our investments were all tied up, and my Mortgage Agent told me about Deposit Rocket. I applied online and in 7 minutes I arranged a deposit for the offer on my new home. The first offer was not successful but we increased the Deposit Rocket and it was accepted. Thank you Deposit Rocket.

Jodi Roe

Amazing service! I had an awesome experience highly recommend! Thx guys

Mike Mcdonald

Just helped my son with his first home, deposit rocket made it easy! Great product & great service!

Zhi Wei Ma

Great product, helped us out in a punch!

Anna Anita

Very happy client! Amazing product. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

Crystal Lee